What if they built a tourist destination and nobody came?

Well, my first two nights in Mexico were spent in what could almost be described as a ghost town, Puerto Peñasco.  Some describe it as Arizona’s beach, and from what I’ve seen, it’s better described as Arizona’s shuttered private beach.  When the cliché ‘tough economic times’ hit the US, the reverberations appear to have been catastrophic here–that along with the phobia of cartel violence everywhere in Mexico.
All around one can find signs of tourism and the past boom times–on every corner there are discount pharmacies, bars, restaurants, clubs, strip clubs, motels, etc., and all feature English signage.  Many of these are shuttered.. and nobody really seems to know for how long.

To make the best of it, I wandered and drove around, exploring the town.  From what I could see, the most activity was around the fishing docks, although I’m not sure to whom they’re selling the fish.  Even the fish stands selling mariscos and camarones were notably vacant of customers.  The sunsets were beautiful, as would be expected.  If you look close at the photo, you can see mountains of the Baja Peninsula poking out of the Sea of Cortez.

I suspect the boom times attracted many people from throughout Mexico who came here hoping to earn a better living.  Many of them were used to just getting by and probably they’re just getting by here instead of where they’re from.