San Felipe to Ensenada

(sounds like the subtitle to a Baja 500 race)

I hit the Baja peninsula yesterday afternoon after spending 2 days in Puerto Peñasco.  As I hit the road and went through several small towns, I had some tough road choices to make.  Here was my first choice; follow the sign and turn right and go to San Louis Rio Colorado or follow the sign and go straight to go to San Louis Rio Colorado?  And the maps I had were of little help, as they didn’t even show this intersection in the road.  Neither of the roads was labeled with a number or name.  Needless to say, I got there.

My first night was spent in San Felipe on the Sea of Cortez coast.  I really wanted to try out my new tent, so I went to the first campground and they wanted $15 USD to camp.  I laughed, as the previous night’s stay in a hotel with a roof, hot water, bed, clean-ish linens, etc., etc., only cost $20 USD.  I went to the next campground and soon found that $15 is the norm in San Felipe.  So I found another $20 hotel that featured a roof, bed, clean linens, and a portable stovetop.  I forgot to ask if hot water was included, which it was not.  My shower was pretty refreshing.

After spending the night and fixing breakfast, I hit the road to Ensenada.  Along the way, I was stopped at 3 different military checkpoints–definitely reminded me that this is a country at war …with cartels.  Each treated me way better than the US Customs & Border Protection agents.   Once in Ensenada, I ran into some Canadians on the beach and they recommended their accommodation, the Sahara Motel.  I would prefer to camp, but I arrived at about 3pm and wanted to enjoy the 5pm sunset instead of driving looking for a campground.  Plus the motel has internet and allows me to update my blog.

Tomorrow I plan to relax and find a nice place to camp along the Pacific coast.