Lessons leaned

This page is dedicated to things that I didn’t count on before the trip….

–Really, really don’t drive at night unless absolutely necessary. There are many reasons; cows, lack of signs of approaching tight curves, burros, extremely slow moving cars with no tail lights, horses, no reflectors, nasty potholes, cows, washed-out shoulders, and have I mentioned cows? They literally line the side of the roads like deer do in the USA.

–The cost of ice adds up…. invest in a good cooler that helps ice last longer and won’t cause your food to get ruined.

–Keep enough cash (plus extra) to pay for food and gas….. many places that I would have expected to simply do not take credit cards.

–Bread shops are among the many places that are closed on Sundays in Mexico… stock up on items if you plan on having them on Sundays.

–Everywhere I’ve been in Mexico, someone has been burning something… fields, yards, trash, tires, you name it.  Not to mention the jalopies burning oil. Sometimes, it’s really hard to breathe.

–From what I’ve seen so far in Mexico, there’s trash everywhere… beaches, sides of roads, sidewalks, plazas, etc.  Its hard to find a place without trash. Its sad that so many beautiful places are covered in trash.

–Always carry toilet paper–most public bathrooms and even some hotels expect you to carry your own

–Argentinian drivers don’t respect your space when passing–maybe it’s a game, but they seem to try to get as close to you as possible when passing. Especially dangerous in windy Patagonia.

–Intersections in Argentina are confusing–seems to be first come, first served (or is it the person with the bigger or junkier car has right-of-way?). There aren’t stop signs, just confusion.