How Do Women Want Men to Smell?

20 women were chosen to answer what they want men to smell like. Most said they want men to smell like nature. Have a pine wood smell, basic clean smell, strong, basic, wood, and nature smell. They want their man to smell like they been working out in the fields or working at some basic location. They want them to ideally smell basic clean. They don’t mind men smelling like fruits but they hate them smelling like fruits all the time. They want people to smell them and ask “What are you wearing?” They want me to walk in a place and smell like a regular person. That is way they want men to smell. Want to know more? View what is written below and let’s dive deeper into why women want me to smell this way.

Women Want Men to Wear Deodorant

Most, if not all women want men to wear deodorant over everything else. Women want men to focus more on getting to be basic odor clean overall. The basics is take a bath and wear deodorant. It is nothing flashy and nothing that is over the top. But, it lets women know that you are trying to take care of yourself. They want you to smell basic clean overall because they want you to focus on taking care of yourself more then pleasing them. They figure if you can take care of yourself and focused on that, then you can take care of them and help them out when you can. Now, all women do not think like this. So, you got to keep in mind that this is the mindset for 50% of the women you meet. If you happen to meet someone else who does not care about these things, she is the other 50% of women that you don’t hear about on TV because TV does not show you all the women types on TV. In fact, TV in modern times is very stereotyped and focused on certain types of women. There are a big range of types of women in each race. But, you can not see all on modern TV. You got to watch old movies from the 80s and 70s.

Cologne Reminds Women of Sex

First time hearing this, cologne reminds women of the person they last had sex with. Buy best smelling for body wash for men and cologne to keep her in your thoughts. That is what you want right? Women like to smell things. They are always smelling things like a dog. Women never talk about it. But, some of them go around smelling men in public to learn what they do in life and where they have been. Women use smell to obtain information on men and people they find interesting. I don’t know why women do it often. Could be tied to natural instinct.

Wear Body Wash That Has Nature Smell

Women love men with nature smell, so buy the best smelling body wash for men with nature smells. Nature reminds us of peace, food, safety, and shelter. That may be why women want men to smell like nature. They secretly want men to go out and hunt for food or resources. They want men to smell like they have been working somewhere or been outside attending the fields. They want men to smell like they are hunters. Generally, men are suppose to be hunters. They are suppose to hunt for food and figure out how to obtain the best food for the pack. They are also suppose to evolve in their level of things over time. Women smell men and hop they are living up to that standard. Make your girl feel more secure and safe by applying some body wash that comes from nature. Make her think you are working in the fields or working at work.