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Mazatlán to Guadalajara

After spending some more time in Mazatlan, I hit the road on my way to Mexico D.F.  I spent a few hours on the beach on the way in Teacapan, drinking some coconut water from one I picked up in the supermercado. The road to San Blas definitely reminded me that I am now in… Read More »


Leaving Baja was tough.  I told myself that I would have plenty of time to relax and enjoy myself during the trip.  No schedules, no need to look at a calendar, know what day it is, or even what time it is….. you get the picture…. none of the worries of a ‘normal’ life.  However,… Read More »

A great ending to Baja!

After leaving La Paz, I headed south to the town of Todos Santos. It was recommended to me as a nice place to visit. It was pretty touristy with all sorts of shops catering to art and jewelery. I wandered around, had some great tacos, went to a cafe and talked to the owner about… Read More »

Ensenada to La Paz….. in no hurry

In Ensenada, I experienced my first round of travel illness (I’m fairly sure it was the ceviche I ate at a road-side stand, that or the fish tacos…. I can’t be certain, though). I’m certain that this won’t be the last time something does battle with my digestive system! Location Unknown….. After a pretty rough… Read More »

San Felipe to Ensenada

(sounds like the subtitle to a Baja 500 race) I hit the Baja peninsula yesterday afternoon after spending 2 days in Puerto Peñasco.  As I hit the road and went through several small towns, I had some tough road choices to make.  Here was my first choice; follow the sign and turn right and go… Read More »

What if they built a tourist destination and nobody came?

Well, my first two nights in Mexico were spent in what could almost be described as a ghost town, Puerto Peñasco.  Some describe it as Arizona’s beach, and from what I’ve seen, it’s better described as Arizona’s shuttered private beach.  When the cliché ‘tough economic times’ hit the US, the reverberations appear to have been… Read More »

Customs & Border Protection Goons

Earlier this afternoon, I entered into the Lukeville border crossing on the way into Mexico headed to Rocky Point. As I pulled up to the agent, he asked the basic questions that I’ve faced each time in the past. This time however, was much different–he asked me to pull over. They detained me and escorted… Read More »