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How Do Women Want Men to Smell?

20 women were chosen to answer what they want men to smell like. Most said they want men to smell like nature. Have a pine wood smell, basic clean smell, strong, basic, wood, and nature smell. They want their man to smell like they been working out in the fields or working at some basic… Read More »

Control Your Body Odor Before Its too Late

Your body odor can get out of control before you can see 1 to 10. You got to make sure your looking out for your skin. Checking to see if its need to be washed from behind or sprayed on under the armpits. Stinky smells should alert you that its time for some form of… Read More »

A whirlwind trip to Victoria Australia and Queenstown, NZ

I was needing an excuse to check out Australia and my good friend Torry had some free time over the 4th of July holiday and also wanted to check it out. The plan was to meet in Warrnambool, Victoria and then drive the Great Ocean Road to Melbourne. Torry has a friend living in Woomera,… Read More »

Getting out of Auckland

It is definitely long overdue, but now that I’ve settled in New Zealand, here’s my first blog update in over a year! I started my job with 0 days of vacation, but have been slowly accruing free time. In the meantime, I’ve been spending most of my time exploring the Auckland area, which definitely has… Read More »

Back in the USA

This latest post is definitely long overdue! In the time since my last entry, I left the semblance of normalcy I had grown accustomed to in Santiago and headed back to the USA for a new job. Admittedly it wasn’t an easy decision to make—I was enjoying life in Santiago and had gotten to know… Read More »

Living in Santiago

When I started this blog, its intended purpose was to serve as my travel blog. Since selling my motorcycle in early June, my traveling has wound down and I began making my way to Santiago, Chile. I had seen almost everything I wanted to see in South America, my camera barely working,  but I still… Read More »

An even more unexpected twist of events

When I titled my previous blog entry ‘An Unexpected Twist of Events‘ I had no idea what was yet to come. The events of these last few days have made for quite an unforgettable visit to Argentina. I’ve been traveling around South America on a motorcycle for the last 6 months and have seen just… Read More »

A whirlwind tour of Amsterdam and Berlin

Once again, I didn’t give myself nearly enough time to get to know, understand, and enjoy Amsterdam or Berlin. I should have spent at least one week in each. Instead, I was left knowing the thin shells of the cities. Fortunately, I was able to explore Amsterdam with Steve and Matt, both of whom I… Read More »


I landed on Paris on Saturday morning, went through immigration without saying a word, and then didn’t even have to go through customs.  What a difference from traveling within the U.S! The Paris metro was really easy to figure out, so I jumped on the train, changed at a few stations, and ended up at… Read More »

Lie, Lie, Lie… [to US border patrol]

Lie, Lie, Lie… Or how telling the truth to US Customs & Border Patrol is worse than a lie My trip was going really well… I replaced the thermostat, had my oil changed, and arrived in Mexico, D.F., parked my car, and met up with my friend Rodolfo and his girlfriend Concha for dinner.  We… Read More »